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Natural Dried Snacks for Dog (Dog Foods)...

Naturally Dried processed foods...

Our Product range consists of:
Beef Ear, Beef Gullet, Beef Tripes, Bull Pizzles, Bladder Braided, Bone, Chicken Feet, Chips Colored, Chips Natural, Chips White, Ear Colored, Ear Wet, Fish, Gullet Braided, Gullet End/Small Pieces, Gullet Flat, Gullet Round, Gullet Spring Roll, Gullet Twisted, Headskin Colored, Headskin Natural, Headskin White, Heart, Hoof Hollow, Hoof Stuffed, Hoof White, Intestine, Intestine Braided, Intestine Braided 3knots, Kebab With Rawhide Stick, Liver, Lung With Gullet, Lungs, Meat Bowl, Meat Bowl, Munchi Sticks, Omasum, Pizzles Braided, Pizzles End/Small Pieces, Pizzles Full Size, Pizzles With Gullet, Pizzles With Gullet Spring, Rawhide Chew Bone, Sinew, Sinew Braided, Tendon, Tongue, Tripes Bone, Tripes Braided, Tripes Brown, Tripes Brown Knotted, Tripes Colored, Tripes Colored End Pieces, Tripes End/Small Pieces, Tripes Knotted, Tripes Meal, Tripes Powder, Tripes Premium, Tripes Twisted, Tripes White, Tripes White Braided, Tripes White Knotted, Tripes White With Gullet, Tripes White With Gullet Spring, Tripes With Bull Skin, Tripes With Gullet, Tripes With Headskin, Udded (Breast), Urinal Bladder, Urinal Tube Twisted, Windpipe (Trachea).....

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